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Ambrish Dixa - 2014, London

On Date: 12 July 2014
Location: UK Locationwise

          With the grace and blessings of P.P.Swamiji and due to friendliness with regional saint P.Brahmavihariswami, the Ambrish families are living with internal Atmiyata among themselves and are making efforts to please P.P.Swamiji on the land of U.K.. Looking at it and taking inspiration from this, the youths regularly attending sabhas also decided to take Ambrish Dixa and to live for and only for Dham, Dhami and Muktas. Considering their hearty desire, devout feelings and decision P.P.Swamiji also agreed to fulfill and materialize their wish and gave Ambrish Dixa to yet another 53 new youths.
      The program of Dixa began with Mahapuja by P.Brahmavihariswami. After the completion of Mahapuja, all the youths to be new Ambrish performed pujan of P.P.Swamiji by offering Him garlands after which, P.P.Swamiji gave each one a small book containing “Ambrish Jeevan Mantras” and explained what these Ambrish Jeevan Mantras are.
          Wholeheartedly accepting P.P.Swamiji’s talks, every new Ambrish vowed to live on the principles of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta.

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