Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Yuva Shibir, Edgware, UK

On Date: 13 July 2014
Location: UK Locationwise

Two sessions shibir of nearly 600 youths was arranged at Canons High School on 13-7-2014 in which most valuable material and useful guidance was presented for the youths to develop positive and pure thoughts, real and selfless love, constant worriless status in their life. A clear and detailed picture of how the President of Yogi Divine Society P.P.Hariprasad Swamiji, His saints and youths are selflessly working day and night in the society was presented through lectures, dialogues and video presentation.

-                 This shibir started with a program of Kirtan Bhakti followed by most useful, touching and practical addresses by P.Bhaktipriyaswami, P.Gurupraswdswami, P.Brahmavihariswami and P.B.Vikasbhai, P.B.Bhavinbhai, P.B.Ambikbhai, P.B.Manibhai-Germany, P.B.Chiragbhai Desai and P.B.Akshatbhai Rawal etc and the central themes of them all were as follow,

-                       It will be a total downfall of our life if, we don’t accept and respect our elders and our leaders who are wiser than us, we won’t have clarity of goal in our life, our senses like eyes, ears and tongue are not positive and if we don’t have atmiyata/harmony with our family members or in the Satsang Mandals.

-                        Our soul is surrounded by innumerable layers of lusts since our many births and, to get rid of this, a good company is a must.

-                       Shri Chiragbhai highly praised and described in detail as to how P.B.Shnehalbhai kept him at his home in his family like a family member only, when he went first time to Birmingham and how he was deeply touched and moved by the help, guidance and services P.Snehalbhai provided to him. This, he said, is merely a sample of a rare and great Atmiya Samaj (Society) developed and established by P.P.Swamiji. Chiragbhai also admitted that he has never seen anywhere else the pure, real and selfless love that he experienced in Y.D.S. families. The youth workers of Y.D.S. have never thought of their own time or convenience but, have always and instantaneously provided total assistance, advice and guidance, selflessly to all the persons in need like me.

-                   Akshatbhai in his speech said that, when he came here, he had friendliness with only a single person and, when he also went back to Haridham, India for becoming “Shahishnu”,he was left all alone. He also felt that, as he is well settled, he did not need anybody and did not give any importance or respect to anybody in the satsang. But, when he came back here again after about a period of 5 years, he never noticed absolutely any change or dislike on anybody’s face but, on the contrary, everybody welcomed, received and treated him with the same love and affection like before and extended all their helps and assistance and guidance whenever needed by him and always they all mixed with him wholeheartedly. Here he has received both, the internal and external peace, pleasure and happiness by attending regular Sabhas. Formerly he used to pass his time in watching movies and in doing other unwanted activities but, after coming regularly to Satsang Sabhas, he didn’t even feel like seeing movies.

In the 2nd session, which started with Kirtan Bhakti, the real life experiences of youths on the following 3 points were shown through a video presentation.

-        What ?, if P.P.Swamiji was really not in my life ?.

-         The selfless love given by P.P.Swamiji to the youths.

-        The un describable, endless and constant and continuous selfless efforts made with hardships by P.P.Swamiji Himself in the life of youths to make them really and totally happy in their life.

    After this, the youths of London Mandal showed through dialogue as to how P.P.Swamiji, even at his age of 80 years today, constantly remains busy throughout the day in solving variety of problems of a numbers of youths and devotees.

      Another dialogue presented a picture of the unique Atmiya Samaj (Society) prepared and established by P.P.Swamiji, which drew tears in everybody’s eyes.

       This was followed by a dance based on a song “Yuva Mahotsavana Padgham Vage” by the youths of East London Mandal.

   In the end of Sabha, P.P.Swamiji said that, friendliness with a mother like  saint can change and make our senses positive. Everybody is suffering from Stubbornness, ego and jealousy (Hath, Man and Irsha) which are our real enemies and, we must remove them from ourselves at any cost. Only if this is done, we can live and enjoy our life with real love, positive thoughts and worrylessness/fearlessness. And for this, a friendliness with saints is a must because, they are selfless and don’t need or expect anything from us. The company of a real saint in our life will give us peace, happiness, pleasure, politeness, true direction of life and it will also develop unity, affinity of hearts and harmony in our life. A friendship with a mother like saint in our life will totally change all types of our strange natures.

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