Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

The Enlightened Souls (Sadhus) To Enlighten The Humanity

The domicile of humanity is at such a critical catastrophe where the survival of earth is at stake and intact human existence needs concord. The enmity of immorality, brutality, and natural or manmade calamities have seized the human race in their vicious grip that it cannot escape the hideous fortune over hanging with an undreamt apprehension and ambiguity. Furthermore, to be saved from total moral annihilation, we necessitate the God ordained saint’s blessings hence 137 ascetic ‘Sadhus’ (Saints) and 120 ‘Sahishnu’ (Brahmchari) are ordained by H.H. Hariprasad Swamiji who incessanty yearns for goodness of humankind. They are the staunch followers of the precepts of saintliness as laid down by Lord Swaminarayan. Their Spiritual goal is to attain union with Brahman and forge a devotional relationship with Parabrahman – the Supreme Godhead by austerely observing the vows of the renunciation of women, wealth, name and fame. ‘Sadhus’ perform all the institutional chores themselves. The devotional and spiritual life of these ‘Sadhus’ spreads the fragrance of their Master’s divinity.