Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Environmental Care

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Nature is our mother and we respect towards our mother while continuing its existence Yogi Divine Society aim to help this global warming by planting the trees. We try to reach the maximum possible areas where we can do plantation. That is why H. H. Hariprasadswamiji himself takes the oath of plantation by planting trees with his divine hands. He likes to plant Neem trees. Hence, he planted them in the surroundings of “HARIDHAM”. As per the nature, Neem trees give the oxygen more, than that of the others. That is why, he loves to plant Neem trees and encourage others to help us. He takes care of the trees in the campus of “HARIDHAM” as love of mother towards her child. Many people encouraged by our activities and help us to save greenery from this world. We believe in service towards humanity is service towards lord and service towards greenery is service towards feet of lord.