Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Atmiya Vidya Dham - V. V. Nagar

Vidyanagar in Anand, Gujarat, is the epitome of education and has numerous youths from all over India studying in a variety of colleges. Vidyanagar therefore is the perfect place for initiating the movement of installing cultural values in the younger generation. For this reason AtmiyaVidyadham will be developed as a platform to install cultural and moral values and will be situated in the heart of Vidyanagar. AtmiyaVidyadham will consist primarily of a residential complex for students, acting as a center for youth welfare activities. Looking at the high student population of Vidyanagar, a big hall will be constructed such that it will provide ample space for holding the various youth activities. This will further enrich the cultural values, encouraging students to uphold cultural and moral values. Additionally, under the guidance of Yogi Divine Society’s saints and spiritual mentors, the residential complex will foster a harmonious atmosphere, which is the need of the hour considering the competitive world we live in.A large community hall of 4000 sq. meters will be constructed.